S. Egidio community bread

Pierluigi Roscioli

1 kg of type 2 semi-wholemeal flour
500 g of kamut flour
310 g of acid dough or natural yeast
50 g of whole millet grains
50 g of organically farmed whole barley grains
30 g of organically farmed split spelt grains
30 g of whole sea salt (preferably from the Camargue)
3.2 l of water


Dissolve 10 g of acid dough or natural yeast in 2 l of water; soak the millet, barley and spelt in this liquid for 24 hours.
Mix the semi-wholemeal flour with the kamut flour, 750 g of cold water, 300 g of acid dough or natural yeast and the salt. Run the mixer on speed 1 for the first 8 minutes, using the spiral attachment, then on speed 2 for 12 minutes, drizzling in some cold water occasionally, adding a total of 450 g. In the last 3 minutes, incorporate the cerals after thoroughly draining the liquid they were soaked in.
Leave to rise in a warm, damp place for 6-7 hours, then shape into 1.1 kg loaves and leave to rise for another hour. Dust with kamut or spelt flour, cut a deep cross into the loaves and bake for 1 hour at 220° C.