Olive oil sponge, Montepulciano grape jam and Atri pecorino ice-cream

Fabrizio Camplone

Atri pecorino ice-cream
5 l of fresh milk
1.5 l of cream (38% fat)
50 g of ice-cream stabilizer
300 g of powdered milk
1.4 kg of sugar
250 g of glucose
250 g of condensed milk
800 g of finely grated Atri pecorino cheese
acacia honey

Olive oil soufflé
640 g of whole eggs
520 g of sugar
400 g of white wine (Trebbiano)
400 g of low acidity extra virgin olive oil
800 g of 180 W/PL flour
40 g of chemical yeast
4 g of salt

10 whole eggs
400 g of sugar
200 g of butter
200 g of peanut oil
2 vanilla pods
2 lemons (the grated rind)
2 g of salt
1 kg of 250 W/PL flour


Mix all the ingredients together, apart from the pecorino and honey, in the pasteuriser. Heat to 82° C and cool immediately to 4° C.
After cooling, stir, adding the pecorino, take out of the machine and drizzle some acacia honey over the ice-cream.

Whip up the eggs with the sugar; add the white wine and olive oil, then incorporate the flour sieved with the chemical yeast and salt. Bake for 10 minutes at 160° C on butter-greased tins measuring 40 x 60 cm, then cut into 10 x 3 cm rectangles.

Mix the flour with the eggs, sugar and butter, adding the flavourings, salt and oil, until the medium consistency mixture is obtained. Make balls and place them between the electric irons for a few minutes, until they colour.