Hilde Soliani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Hilde Soliani is a profound, lively, original woman who transformed her personal gift into an art. Her big eyes and her contagious smile are the clear expression of an explosive and proud personality. She’s not afraid people won’t like her because all her actions are an expression of herself and her sensitivity. She’s a free spirit who’s not afraid to speak her thoughts, changing what isn’t working, like her life and profession, if necessary. Indeed, this is what happened.

From her grandmother she took her nose and brilliant and eclectic mind which led her to a radical choice. Over 15 years ago, after 20 years as a marketing consultant she returned to her old love, the theatre. It is then that she started to design jewels, an old family art, and make perfumes.

But this isn’t what makes her unique. It’s the way in which she does it. For Soliani every fragrance has a meaning, it recalls a memory, a feeling, a seemingly forgotten moment. A lack to be filled with perfume. Hilde’s perfumes are about nostalgia, desire, illusion. With the intimate atmosphere enclosed in a few instants of life, which only some very special scents can evoke.

Hilde’s perfumes are also the incarnation of her passions, including fine dining. In 2008 her culinary-inspired line “Gusto e Profumo in libertà” is born. Savoury and sweet perfumes are the aromatic expression of the dishes she’s found most memorable. Like Acquissima, inspired by steamed octopus, green tea and jasmine prepared by Claudio Sadler; “Dolcissimo”, with notes of Catalan cream, tobacco and sherry; “Freschissimo”, like a ginger herbal tea with brown sugar and lime; “Salissimo” inspired by Alajmo’s risotto with saffron and liquorice.

In 2014 her “Senshilde” range is born, including perfumes dedicated to some chef-friends, like "Miss Tranchant" inspired by Mauro Uliassi’s butter and oyster. One thing leads to another and in the meantime she starts collaborating with some internationally renowned chefs who ask for her precious advice in adjusting a dish or a whole menu.

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