Ezio Indiani

Principe di Savoia

Piazza della Repubblica, 17
20124 Milano

Even though he has never been an astronaut by profession, Ezio Indiani has spent his career among the stars: the highest and most luminous in the international luxury hospitality industry. A journey almost 50-years long, in Italy and all around the world, acquiring experience in the most important chains and directing extraordinary hotels. He lives, today like in the past, the place that welcomes him with the tact, gentleness and elegance of an old-style gentleman to whom destiny has instilled a natural propension for being farsighted.

His managing career covered every step of the ladder, each time stealing a piece of its soul, gestures, and secrets. Indiani is the person to whom large hospitality groups have handed and still do their positioning strategies and their big restructurings – both organisational and architectural; the man whom they hand millionaire budgets and leadership; under whose direction and supervision they improve their economic performance, introducing new high standards of service, reorganising departments, training managers and highly qualified personnel. Tasks which he follows with competence and concentration, with the enthusiasm of the first day and a strong overall vision.

Originally from Cremona, where he was born in 1952, Indiani since 2005 is Director General at the historic hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, 5 star luxury hotel owned by the Dorchester group in London (it includes eight more iconic locations, also in the luxury segment, in Los Angeles, London, Rome and Paris). He has an assertive authority, acknowledged all around the world, which never loses sight of human qualities and of the social and philanthropic dimension of his work. He lives his success as something obvious. He speaks of it almost as if it were an exact science: «Things can only go well if you create all the right conditions» he says.

It is in these rooms, elegant and velvety, that he's writing a new adventure with extraordinary results.


Andrea D'Aloia

Born in Abruzzo in 1979, he's been working in the communication industry since 2001. Over the past few years he's developed a sort of obsession, constantly searching for emerging chefs. He eats, drinks, writes: of territories and ingredients, producers and chefs. And takes lots of pictures, so he won't forget any detail