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elBarri is the name of a group of six restaurants in Barcelona
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Behind the elBarri “case”, that is to say the group of restaurants owned by Albert and Ferran Adrià – with the Iglesias brothers – one must count these guys too. That is to say David Gil and Ruben González, who contribute in determining the fate of that group of restaurants offering a contemporary, many-sided and multi-ethnic cuisine that today represents the concretization of the heritage of knowledge and creativity that resulted from the El Bulli epic. 

David (in the photo to the right) was born in Vic in 1990. At 14 he began to show an interest for cooking, so he decided to work in the village restaurant at the weekends. His professional experience in fine dining began two years later, at restaurant Nandu Jubany. He came across Albert Adrià in 2012: he became his assistant pastry chef yet he soon surprised Albert with his agitation, his unrest, his desire to learn and innovate: over the past few years he helped in the conceptualization of the Natura Nougats line produced under the company’s Torrons Vicens brand. He also directs the pastry making in the elBarri restaurants in Barcelona, at Heart Ibiza and at 50 Days by Albert Adrià, a pop up restaurant in London (from 12th February till 9th April). He was an intern at restaurants such as Le Calandre, Michel Bras or Mugaritz.

Ruben González instead was born in Pamplona in 1989. He immediately showed an interest in cooking and after completing catering school he worked as cook in restaurants such as Abac in Barcelona, two stars, or Finisterre in Costa Rica, where he became head chef. He arrived at Adrià’s Tickets, in the Catalan capital, in 2012 and moved from production manager to chef de partie, up to sous chef, the role he still holds, together with that of creative chef.

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