Guinea fowl stuffed with its liver, tondini bean purée and fried leek

Marcello Spadone

For 4 people

For the bean purée
100 g of tondini beans
50 g of potato
40 g of milk
extra virgin olive oil

For the guinea fowl
1 guinea fowl complete with liver
100 g of sliced pork cheek
2 slices of bread, without the crust
thyme and parsley
50 g of cream
1 small glass of brandy
50 g of onion
2 cloves of garlic
0.5 dl of white wine
2 bay leaves
1 sprig of rosemary
50 g of leek
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


For the purée
Peel the potatoes and boil them in salted water; mash them with a potato ricer into a pan, keeping them warm, add the milk, the boiled and sieved beans, and the oil, and cook everything over a low heat. Stir well for 4-5 minutes and keep hot. Add salt to taste.

Toss the guinea fowl liver with salt, pepper, some oil, 1 unpeeled clove of garlic, chopped onion, bay leaf and rosemary. Add the wine, cook with the brandy and allow to cool.
Bone the guinea fowl, taking care not to perforate the skin. Divide it in half and season with salt and pepper. Prepare the stuffing, mixing the liver cut into strips, the finely chopped pig's cheek, the chopped thyme and parsley and the crumbled bread; mix with the cream and the oil used to cook the liver, then stuff the guinea fowl, taking care to place it centrally. Wrap in the caul and make two sausages using cling film.
Steam for 10 minutes at 100° C, then bake at 200° C for 15-18 minutes, adding garlic, rosemary and white wine.

Cover the plates with the cooking chooses taken from the roasting dish, slice the guinea fowl and serve with the tondini bean purée and the leek fried in extra virgin olive oil.