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Today he confronts himself with an easier project, namely Π-box (Π is pronounced pi), but for many years Christophoros Peskias was the demiurge of 48 Restaurant in Armatolon Street, not too far from the Panathinaikos stadium, the only Michelin starred restaurant in the history of Greek restaurant industry. So Peskias is praised as the guru of Greek signature cuisine, with a profound creativity.

In the Nineties he began to hang around the stoves at Charlie Trotter in Chicago. Today he reviews Greek tradition in the light of his creativity and of the novelties coming from the various centres of creativity. He’s got the advantage of preaching in the desert, but many visit him only because “it’s so New York”, and then order without even reading the menu. I dined there twice, and on the second occasion I ordered what, after a while, every tourist has enough of: Greek salad and Moussaka, the aubergine, béchamel and minced meat pie. Of course, they shared the ingredients and the tastes with the renown versions, but they were much lighter, and the structures were broken, dismantled and put back together in new forms. Overall, 28 new and true recipes.

Christophoros likes to use tomato and his favourite recipe is Tomato Sushi. He doesn’t like to prepare risotto with truffle scented oil, because it’s a makeshift and this does him credit. Were he to be condemned to eat the same thing for a year, he would eat Joselito prosciutto ham and when asked to write anything that crossed his mind, he replied: we eat what we are, the opposite isn’t true – clever. Hadn’t he become a chef (a little by chance, in fact), today he’d be a film director.

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