Pasta e potatoes

Nino Di Costanzo

For 4 people

Mixed Gragnano pasta (22 types, 4 pieces per type)
100 g of white potatoes
100 g of yellow potatoes
100 g of purple potatoes (Vitelotte variety)
40 g of grated 36-month cheese
80 g of fresh cream
40 g of smoked provola
2 tomatoes
8 cherry tomatoes
40 g of bacon
80 g of red prawns
40 g of cuttlefish
50 g of brown veal base
Extra virgin olive oil
Chicken stock
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion

Boil the purple potatoes, peel and sieve them and dress with oil and salt. Spread the mixture on a sheet of Silpat, creating various sized rounds. Then freeze. Once frozen, remove the shapes from the Silpat and set to one side.

Gently fry the chopped garlic with a drizzle of oil, add the tomatoes cut into 4, salt, cook for 5 minutes and pass through a vegetable grinder. Gently fry the onion cut into julienne strips, add the yellow potatoes, the tomato sauce and cook, gradually adding the water. Blend and sieve.
Reduce the cream by half, add the provola and the grated cheese and blend.

Scald the tomato, remove the seeds and cut it into 1 cm squares. Do the same with the grilled cuttlefish and the fried bacon. Boil the white potatoes, blend with oil, salt, chicken stock and cream, place the mixture in a siphon and charge the gas. Keep warm.

Cook the pasta in salted boiling water, paying attention to the cooking time of the various types of pasta. Once cooked, toss the pasta in the bacon cooking juices.

Position the cubes of bacon, tomato and cuttlefish, the yellow potato sauce, the provola sauce and the purple potato wafers on a plate. Position the pasta on the plate. Lay the scalded red prawns next to it, along with a few drops of brown base and the hot potato mousse.
Complete with the potato wafers, a few cubes of fried potato and the extra virgin olive oil.