Forest Bread

Yoshihiro Narisawa

Yeast Mix
300 g wheat flour (Shinano Daichi)
6 g rock salt
260 g water
0,3 g dry yeast

150 g yeast mix
145 g wheat flour (Shinano Daichi)
2 g rock salt
6 g dry yeast
108 g water
40 g maple sugar
3,7 g chestunt tree powder
16 g compote of japanese chestnut
32 g compote of yuzu peel
16 g walnuts

Yeast mix
Prepare everything in a bowl and mix. Leave it in room tempreture and every 15 minutes fold the dough about three times and continue till the dough gets glossy. Put the dough in a tupperwear and leave it in a cold and dark place (about 15~20°C ) for 12 hours to ferment.

Prepare A in a bowl and knead it with a mixer till it gets a dough. Add B in the dough and mix it together.

Spread butter in a glass and put 40g (for 1 portion) dough in it. Ferment the dough in glass setting in a candle pot in front of the guest.
Heat a stone bowl at 270°C at the oven. Put the firmented dough into the hot stone bowl and sprinkle the powder of the chestnut tree (0.3g). Cover it with a wooden lid.
Leave it for 12 minutes until the bread baked.