Giuseppe Iannotti




via San Giovanni, 59
82037 Telese Terme (Benevento)


Brave or reckless. Persevering or stubborn. Passionate or obsessive. Depending on the perspective and the case, there are many words that could be used to describe Giuseppe Iannotti. If we really had to choose, we’d say determined, justly ambitious and, most of all, talented. Giuseppe wasn’t born in the business, he didn’t happen to attend catering school by chance, or to escape the efforts of a lyceum as in the case of some other (equally talented) colleague who was then struck by the kitchen on the way to Damascus.

He built all he is today, and all he has, thanks to his will and stubbornness: from his great technical skill to the knowledge of raw materials. This includes the beautiful farm just outside Telese Terme which he bought and transformed, with lots of determination, into an elegant, essential and contemporary place that perhaps makes it even harder to offer signature cuisine in the province, but certainly bestows beautiful impressions on the guests. His cuisine has in itself the DNA of the region without being enslaved by it: so, just to give an example, when at Krèsios you may happen to taste fantastic pasta dishes (whether it’s fresh egg pasta, or dried pasta, in which case Giuseppe conducts a careful study and selection of the kinds offered by the various pasta producers) as well as perfectly creamed risottos, following the most accurate “Northern school”.

He has no master to mention, because he’s completely self-trained but he mostly has colleagues and comrades such as Christian Milone with whom he created Incursioni, a series of extemporary dinners even outside the “usual” restaurants, as a testimony of his desire to always move ahead, and never rest on laurels. So much so that, despite his young age, the new Krèsios has already experienced its first evolution: as of January 2013, beside the restaurant, the shop, the rooms and the tea room, it also hosts a bistro in which the chef enjoys offering his interpretation of the most popular cuisine, from “fast food” to the traditional regional recipes.

Has participated in

Identità Milano

Born in 1982, right from the start Giuseppe feels an attraction for the kitchen but he decides to follow reason rather than his instinct and after attending the scientific lyceum he studies Computer Engineering (he needs to take a few exams before graduating). In the meantime, however, his passion for cooking returns and he decides to go school, this time catering school. In 2007 he opens a small restaurant in nearby Castelvenere, also called Krèsios – one of the names given to Bacchus or Dionysus – a testimony of the important role that wine has inside and outside his restaurant. Soon it’s the turn of a shop selling gastronomic specialties he selects with obsessive attention (Krèsios Bottega, in Telese Terme) with an offer that has nothing to envy to the coolest shops in Rome and Milan. In 2011 the two projects converge under the same roof, that of a farm just outside Telese which today hosts, together with the gourmet restaurant and the shop, a bistro and a few elegant rooms. 2013 is his magic year: he becomes a member of the JRE, he conquers the title of Best young restaurateur according to Guida L'Espresso, the Premio Vent'anni given by San Pellegrino to an emerging protagonist of the Italian gastronomic scene during the Identità Milano 2013 congress, and his first star in the 2014 Michelin Guide.


Luciana Squadrilli

a journalist born in Naples now living in Rome, she tries to make her three passions meet: eating, travelling and writing