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calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 8
14014 - Cordoba
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To watch the birth of a great talent: this is the real emotion for those who eat at the restaurant Ferrero of the Hotel in Bocairent. A truly original delivery room, complete with swimming pool, veranda and white chairs bathed in light.

Francisco Morales Garcia’s forceps, born in 1981, were held in hands by another young guy, Andoni Luis Aduriz, an affectionate obstetrician of the cook from Cordoba and his companion Rut Cotroneo, but also his straight woman to Mugaritz and Fat Duck.
Young and beautiful, both with green and pure eyes, together they share a tremendous trophy: Ruth received the National award of gastronomy in 2005, the Award for best sommelier at Madrid Fusiòn 2007 and the Metropolis award for best sommelier 2007. No less titled is her sweetheart: from the awards of early career to the sensational Best chef of twenty-first century under thirty, conferred by the Real academia nacional de gastronomía. And yet Revelacion restaurant award 2007, Tomorrow's best chef at Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía 2009 and Best chef award at Madrid Fusión 2009.

But the most important award is the freedom of a very personal cuisine, who knew how to treasure naturalism, imagination and technique of two decades of spanish gastronomy-mania, touching the sky through the humile etymology of tubers, bulbs and roots. After hotel management school and Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Bask genius Andoni nurtured Paco’s talent in green Errenteria, making him the fish chef from 2002 to 2004. Then a short period at Bulli, then again Mugaritz, in the guise of Andoni’s chef («a master of observation and sensitivity») and companion across several training trips.
From 2007 to 2009, at Madrid Hotel Hospes’ Senzone restaurant he had a short time to celebrate his glory. Now it’s Ferrero time, the beginning of a story still in its infancy, where Spanish avantgarde genealogy keeps intact the emotional voltage of the plot.

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Cultore del bien vivre, lavorando nella moda ha sviluppato una grande passione per i viaggi e per la cucina