Giovanna Musumeci

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Pasticceria Santo Musumeci

Piazza Santa Maria 5, Randazzo (Catania), +39.095.921196

The career of Giovanna Musumeci, master ice-cream-woman in Randazzo, a small village on the slopes of Etna, initially took a very different direction. Raised in her father Santo’s pastry shop, a gelatiere since 1967, she graduated in Economics from the Università di Catania and in 2003 she started working in a company specialised in regional planning.

In 2011 she left her job to study cake-design, attending various courses in Milan. In 2012 Santo Musumeci won the Sherbeth Festival and thus got the right to participate in the World Cup of ice creams, so he asked his daughter to come with him. At the end of the event, he told her that in the following edition, in 2014, Giovanna was to participate without him.

From that moment on, gelato becomes a passion: in the space of one year Giovanna meets Luca Caviezel multiple times, discussing techniques and doses in artisanal gelatos. In 2016 she wins the Premio Caviezel, dedicated to her master, in 2017 the Foodies Challenge Categoria Gelato.

For Giovanna Musumeci making ice cream has the charm of a challenge: it’s much more than cooking and pastry making, where you make a product for immediate consumption. Making good ice cream means producing an excellence that can last longer: make sure that structure, taste and sensorial features remain unchanged until the tray is finished. This is why ice cream making is perfection. No aromas, colourings or readymade products, only healthy and local ingredients.

This is how the intellectual flavour “Pignolo” is made, with a paste of pine nuts, coffee infusion, caramelised nuts and a base of cocoa, which is like a caress on the palate and has a delicate sweetness with interesting hints of nuts; or the awarded “Oro Verde di Sicilia”, with pistachio, mandarin zest infusion, pistachio and mandarin brittle. And this is how “Heidi” was born, a fun flavour made with goat’s milk, pears, and achillea honey. Just to mention a few.

This is the life of Giovanna Musumeci, making gelatos based on technique and local products.

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