Tongue pastrami, ciauscolo and mustard ice-cream

Cristina Bowerman

For the tongue
25 g of palm sugar
2 g of pink salt
160 g of salt
1.2 g of powdered ginger
2.2 l of water
1 clove of garlic
1 bay leaf
5 g of black pepper
0.3 g of chili pepper
6 cloves
4 g of mustard seeds
5 g of coriander
5 g of allspice (Jamaican pepper)
4 g of juniper

For the mustard ice-cream
3 egg yolks
3 eggs
300 g of cream
70 g of milk
5 g of salt
30 g of sugar
50 g of dark and light mustard seeds

For the vegetable giardiniera
2 l of white vinegar
1 l of water
110 g of salt
120 g of sugar
a sachet of chili pepper, juniper, a clove, black pepper
5 radishes
1 white turnip
sliced ginger
1 red onion

For the presentation
Garlic flowers
Radish leaves
Dried orange rind
Visso Ciauscolo (salami)


For the tongue
Make the marinade, toasting all the spices first and then cooling them, to keep the marinade completely cold. Take a veal tongue, rinse it well in running water and eliminate the more bloody parts (at the base). Marinate it for a week. Eliminate the marinade and cook the tongue for 12 and a half hours at 72.5 °C. Chill and store until needed.

For the mustard ice-cream
Add the cream to the milk and place the previously toasted mustard seeds in infusion.
Prepare a custard. Cool and process in the ice-cream maker.

For the vegetable giardiniera
Scald the radishes, the turnip cut into wedges, the ginger and the red onion cut into wedges and divided, separately. Store in the liquid until needed.

For the presentation
Remove the skin from the tongue, slice it finely with the slicer and mix it in a bowl with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. Arrange the slices of tongue on a plate, alternating then with two slices of ciauscolo. Complete with the giardiniera, the orange powder, the mustard ice-cream, the flowers and the herbs.