Arctic cloudberries HV

Hans Välimäki

For 4 people

For the arctic cloudberries sorbet
200 g cloudberries
50 g water
50 g sugar
25 g glucose

For the juice of arctic cloudberries
300 g cloudberries
75 g sugar

For the jelly of arctic cloudberries
80 g juice of cloudberries
1 g gelatin

For the syrup
50 g juice of cloudberries

For the marinated arctic cloudberries
80 g cloudberries
35 g sugar
20 g water
cinnamon, vanilla, star-anise

For the mousse of arctic cloudberries and yoghurt
125 g yoghurt
100 g cream 38%
75 g cloudberries
40 g sugar
2 g gelatin

For the Pavlova meringue

50 g confectioners sugar
50 g sugar
50 g egg white

For the Frangipane cream
125 g sugar
125 g butter
125 g almond powder
10 g wheat flour
2 eggs


For the sorbet
Cook water, sugar and glucose to a syrup. Mix with cloudberries and prepare in ice-cream machine.

For the juice
Juice in bain-marie for 1,5 hours. Sieve.

For the jelly
Dissolve soaked gelatin with juice and cool.

For the syrup
Cook until 107 degrees.

For the marinated arctic cloudberries
Cook spices in sugar syrup and marinate cloudberries in that overnight.

For the mousse

Warm cloudberries, sugar and soaked gelatin. Cool. Mix with yoghurt and finally whipped cream.

For the meringue
Prepare meringue and dry in 70 degrees oven.

For the Frangipane cream
Whip sugar and butter to a foam. Mix in sifted almond powder and flours. In the end eggs one by one. Bake in 180 degrees oven about 20 min.