Mezze maniche with “ragout”… 847 km from Naples

Enrico Crippa

For 4 people

Mezze maniche
25 mezze maniche of durum wheat pasta
4 spoonfuls of filtered dried Senise pepper sauce
2 spoonfuls of dried Senise pepper oil soup

Senise pepper oil
20 g of dried Senise peppers
300 ml of grape seed oil

The dried Senise pepper sauce
50 g of chopped dried Senise peppers
1 l of cold water

The meat
200 g of sliced young veal cut very fine
dried Senise pepper oil
dried Senise pepper sauce
salt and pepper

The cheese sauce
200 g of milk cream
200 g of grated cheese
4 gratings of nutmeg

The vegetables
120 g of very small turnip tops
extra virgin olive oil
garlic oil
unsalted hot water


The pepper sauce
Place the cold ingredients in a vacuum bag and leave it in infusion at 65 °C for 12 hours. Filter without squashing the peppers too much, recovering only the juice, which must be clear. Place the sauce in the fridge until needed.

The oil
Proceed as for the sauce.

The cheese sauce
Add all the elements together and bring to the boil. Filter the sauce through a fine sieve. Add salt to taste and keep warm.

The meat
Pour a little pepper sauce and some oil into a pan. Place the meat in this sauce and heat it very gently, turning it occasionally (it mustn't cook: it is a raw ragout).

The turnip tops
Cook the turnip tops, reducing the water and oils. Season with salt and keep warm.

The pasta
Cook the pasta until firm and flavour with the pepper sauce. Place all the ingredients on the plate and complete with the turnip tops and cheese sauce.