Confit cod with "pil pil" sauce and roasted "calcots"

Sergio Humada

For 4 people

Garlic oil
300 g sunflower oil
150 g Arbequina extra virgin oliv oil
120 g garlic with peel

Per i calcots
2 kg calcots
Maldon Salt
20 g Arbequina extra virgin oliv oil

Cod gelatin
1 l water
300 g cod bones and skin

Pil pil
300 g garlic oil
10 g extra virgin oliv oil
40 g cod's gelatin
800 g cod

Garlic oil
Put in a pan some sunflower oil, add the garlic heads cuted in half and raise the temperature until golden brown the garlic.
After browning the garlic, add extra virgin olive oil out of the fire to prepare the frying.
Keep 8 hours at 60 degrees for infusions. Preserve it.

Roast on a grill the calçots, regularly turning them to roast them perfectly
In case you need to finish cooking off the heat, wrap in newspaper
Clean the top layers (the more carbonized) in a first phase
Make a second cleaning to leave no carbon deposits
Cut into 5cm batons and keep in Arbequina virgin olive oil. It will be lef 300gr

Cod's gelatin
Thoroughly clean the bones and skin of fish.
Boil with water, strain and reduce liquid until a gelatinous consistency.

Pil pil
Keep a bowl with garlic oil enough to cover the piece of cod at 60 degrees
Soak 200g of cod per person in the oil at 60 degrees and hold to reach 45 degrees in the middle
From the warm jelly cod whip the pil-pil sauce. Incorporate a thin stream of garlic oil and stir.
When almost at the desired point add the virgin olive oil, taste and add salt if necessary
Heat the calçots in the oil taking care they do not take color, drain on paper towels
Remove cod to drain on paper

Present 75gr of calçots available per person, drained and salted with Maldon salt on a plate, on these, place the cod and add pil pil sauce