Adriano Baldassarre

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


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Adriano Baldassarre is, by all means, one of the best interpreters and authors of the Renaissance of Roman cuisine in a broad sense. Born in 1977, he was raised between Rome and Abruzzo by his farmer grandparents from whom he inherited their love for simple products and traditional recipes. In Rome he attended the then very famous catering school in Tor Carbone, where you would get a sound cultural training, one of the pillars in the Roman restaurant scene. And it is no coincide that Adriano’s classmates included Gabriele Bonci.

His passion and ambition since he was in school, led him to complete many internships when he was still very young, what with catering businesses and events. The same desire to learn brought him to London in the Nineties. He almost immediately arrived at Giorgio Locatelli’s Zafferano, a great experience that ended when Baldassarre returned to Rome for personal reasons. Yet he didn’t sit on his hands and once again his desire to cook led him straight to Antonello Colonna’s in Labico, in the heart of Roman cuisine.

And then it was Locatelli who called him back to London, to open Locanda. The experience lasted almost one year, before he understood, perhaps for good, that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in London, so he returned to Rome, again to Colonna’s. At this time a memorable brigade was formed (including Pipero) and a star arrived. But obviously and luckily a chef will always wish to show his own recipes, and his personality, hence he starts his most important adventure, and opens the very first Tordo Matto in Zagarolo which gets a Milchelin star within 3 years – trivia fact, the name of the place is inspired by an ancient Saracen recipe for a horse meat roll which looks very much like the mouth of a bird.

Baldassarre closes the first Tordo Matto and, after collaborating with Heinz Beck, he flies to India for two years, where he works at restaurant Vetro inside hotel Oberoi in Mumbai. His recent history has him back in Rome, where he opens the new Tordo Matto, with an almost immediate star thanks to high standards and his way of presenting a modern and traditional take on Rome. Most recently, he’s worked as consultant for restaurant Perbacco at the Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi and for Tailors Concept in Luxembourg. And then there’s the popular trattoria called Avvolgibile, in Rome. The goal: serve good food, for little money, everyday popular food.

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