Alex Atala




rua Barao de Capanema, 549
San Paolo
T. +55.11.30880761

Haute cuisine is a global phenomenon: the last proof comes from Alex Atala’s Dom, a food-creativity factory located in São Paolo, not far from beach grills serving mainly feijohadas and coconuts.
 Son of Palestinians and former dj, Alex started his chef career at the age of 19 in Namur, Belgium: his French-speaking roots were then prolonged by Jean Pierre Bruneau and Bernard Loiseau at the Hotel de la Côte d’Or. Back in São Paulo, he opened Dom in 1999. Success came immediately, in Brazil and abroad.

Samba rhythm starts from the ingredients: Brazilian raw materials manipulated through highly professional techniques. Materials come from wild nature, techniques are built upon classical bases, updated travelling through international food congresses. He follows an ethical and humanitarian mission: «To bet on Brazilian products means to provide my country with new incomes and to saveguard our environmental resources.

Manioca is worth foie gras».
The challenge has also a cultural taste: dynamic flavors generated from putrefaction, halfway between the crude and the cooked, nature and culture according to great anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss as symbols of a world which is striving not to be overwhelmed by western modernity. We’d better say that those who were conquered today conquer the conquerors since classic and contemporary cuisine are strictly bound to an indigenous gustative world that hides amazing surprises. 
Dom means Domus Optimus Maximus, a Benedictine motto invented to pray the exuberance of creation, a window open on the third millennium: multiculturalism and biodiversity that finally knock at our doors.

Has participated in

Identità London, Identità Milano


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