Sea snail with Wakame and tangerine foam

Alex Atala

For 4 people

Sea snail
400 g de sea snail
3 cloves of garlic
160 g diced onions
1 bay leaf
4 spoons of coarse salt
50 ml of white vinegar

100 ml demi glace
200 g of fish bones

Tangerine foam
50 ml concentrated tangerine juice
250 ml of water
10 g of soy lecithin

150 g hydrated wakame
Flowers for decoration



Sea snail
Into a bowl, put the sea snails and cover it with water, vinegar and salt. Keep into the fridge for 12 hours.
Take off the snails and put in a big pan covered with water, bay leaf, salt, garlic and onions. Cook for 4 hours or till the snails get soft. Take off the snails of the pot and keep into the fridge.

Put the fish bones in a tray and roast it for 10 minutes 180° C.
Put the demi glace and the fish bones into a pot. Cook for 30 min none boiling. Strain it.

Tangerine foam
With a mixer make the foam

Cut the sea snails in three parts and season it with salt and pepper.
Seal the snails in a fry pan with olive oil.
In the same fry pan sauté the wakame with some chopped garlic

In a soap plate, put some sauce. Put gently the sea snails and on the side the wakame. Finalize with the tangerine foam, flowers and a tangerine twist.