Francesco Martucci



I Masanielli

viale Giulio Dohuet, 11 
81100 - Caserta

It is a good thing to celebrate the art of Francesco Martucci at his I Masanielli. But even more so one should celebrate a comforting and even thrilling idea: even when you feel the space for improvement in a specific field is now very narrow, one can be proven wrong. This applies to every aspect of life but in this case we’re speaking of pizzas: the ones we tasted atMartucci’s are extraordinary. Dough and topping are both of the highest standards.

Born in Caserta in 1979, he became famous rather late: a difficult youth, in a not well-off family where his sister and brother Sasà (also a pizzaiolo) grew up, and a road uphill "that had him start as a kid from what was once considered the most humble job of all – the help in the pizzeria of his uncle Franco –, where he didn’t just learn to ammaccare but also the discipline of the business", in the words of Luciana Squadrilli.

The turning point arrived in  2001, with the first I Masanielliplace, opened with Sasà: take away pizzas, popular prices and a quality people noticed. In September 2017 Francesco opened a new location for I Masanielli in Viale Dohuet (Sasà openedI Masanielli - Sasà Martucci in Via Vivaldi), which soon become a favourite destination among food lovers. He bakes the highest quality in mass numbers: he seats 1,200 people each day, a team of 40 handling this crowd of people.

As soon as he can, he takes a plane and visits the best fine dining places. Indeed, at I Masanielli the scientific balance of the aromas in the topping, the attention to texture and temperatures, the perfect pairing of flavours, are all typical of someone who knows what excellent food is, and puts this knowledge at the service of his work.

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