IG2021: il lavoro


Pizza contemporanea: here is the programme of Identità di Pizza at the congress

Eight speakers what with great masters and young talents, for six lessons on Monday 27th September. An evergreen of Identità Milano returns, in partnership with Petra® Molino Quaglia

The speakers at Identità di Pizza 2021: from the

The speakers at Identità di Pizza 2021: from the top left corner, clockwise, Danilo Brunetti, Ilaria Puddu, Simone Padoan, Luca Pezzetta, Francesco Martucci, Pier Daniele Seu, Cristian Marasco, Ciro Oliva

"And we've reached ten (that is to say 9+1)!": this was the incipit of last year's piece, at the beginning of October, announcing the programme of Identità di Pizza, then we all know how it went, with the congress blocked by the autumn return of the pandemic. And so we start again from here: we've reached ten (that is to say 9+1), ten editions of the section of the congress dedicated to the most delicious leavened disc in the world, once again a protagonist at Identità Milano with the usual format that has always marked its success: not a celebration of what it is, but an injection of intelligence and stimuli for what it can be, in an explosive and fertile mix of innovative pizzaioli, different schools (of thought, and technique), but all sharing the same goal. That is to say bring pizza into the modern world, give value to it by tracing a precise identikit. To put it short, think of the new perspectives of contemporary pizza. All this, as always, in partnership with Petra® Molino Quaglia.

As we said, it's ten, that is to say 9+1. This is so because the first official edition arrived in 2012, with Simone PadoanBeniamino BilaliFranco PepeGiuseppe GiordanoMassimo GattiRoberto PongoliniCorrado AssenzaEnzo Coccia and English Jon Pollard on stage. But already the previous year four pizzaioli – including Padoan, a real North star of the revolution taking place at the time – participated in the congress, proving the change of perspective that Identità had started with regards to pizza which at that time was living a decisive phase in its evolution which would then lead to the impetuous growth of the past few years.

Padoan will also take part in Identità di Pizza 2021, because he was and still is a point of reference, with his endless creativity. With him, seven more speakers – a total of eight – for six lessons, the first at 10,30, the last seven hours later, all on Monday 27th September in Sala Blu 2 at MiCo in Milano.

Padoan, however, will not be the one to break the ice: his lesson is at 11,30, before the lunchbreak and after the debut, on stage, of the duo from Giolina in Milan, who received the "Impresa Pizza" award from the Guida Identità Golose 2021, that is to say Ilaria Puddu and the man behind the oven and the peel, Danilo Brunetti.

In the afternoon, works will continue at 2,30 pm with a young talent, "Miglior pizzaiolo" for the Guida Identità Golose 2020: we're talking of Luca Pezzetta, of Osteria di Birra del Borgo in Rome, born in 1989, tireless researcher always studying techniques to use wheat, kneading methods, wild fermentations and long and medium maturation and high hydration. After him, the spotlight will point at a debuting couple from north and south, formed by Cristian Marasco, of La Grotta Azzurra in Merate (Lecco), with branches also in Bonate Sopra (Bergamo) and Garlate (Lecco), and Ciro OlivaCristian is originally from Campania, Ciro is 100% Neapolitan and stood out in the past few years thanks to the energy he added to historic pizzeria Concettina ai Tre Santi.

The programme of Identità di Pizza 2021 will finish with another young talent and another master. At 4,30 pm Pier Daniele Seu will be on stage. Like Pezzetta, he's also from Rome: he's the patron and chef at Seu Pizza Illuminati, opened in 2017. Born in 1987, he stood out in the past few years thanks to his concept of pizza, modern and full of identity. One hour later it will be the turn of the last speaker, Francesco Martucci from I Masanielli in Caserta. We present him by quoting ourselves: "Even when you believe that there's very little margin for improvement in one field, you sometimes are proven wrong through facts. This happens in every aspect of life, but in this case we're talking of pizza: the pizzas we tasted at Martucci's are extraordinary. Dough and topping: all of the highest standards".



Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

IG2021: il lavoro

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