Alain Chartier

For 40 people

For the Nyangbo chocolate ice-cream (doses for 40 portions, equivalent to 50 g per person)
1,220 g of whole milk
106 g of skimmed milk powder
85 g of sugar
100 g of inverted sugar
120 g of atomised glucose
25 g of cream (35% fat)
296 g of Nyangbo with 68% cocoa
40 g of cocoa mass
8 g of stabiliser

For the Amaretto and almond parfait (doses for 47 portions, equivalent to 25 g per person)
125 g of egg yolks
100 g of sugar
40 g of water
750 g of cream
130 g of salted almonds
40 g of Amaretto

For the textured chocolate mousse (doses for 45 portions, equivalent to 35 g per person)
250 g of whole milk
200 g of glucose syrup
150 g of egg whites
150 g of sugar
375 g of extra noir chocolate containing 53% cocoa
75 g of cocoa liqueur
400 g of cream

For the almond and sesame crumble (doses for 40 portions, equivalent to 20 g per person)
200 g of butter
2 g of salt
200 g of plain flour
200 g of sugar
180 g of finely ground almonds
20 g of sesame seeds

For the garnish
chocolate square
salted almonds
gold leaves
coating chocolate


For the ice-cream
Heat the whole milk to 25° C, add the powdered milk, continue heating to 30° C and add the sugars (setting aside 10% for the stabiliser), at 35° C add the fats (cream and chocolate), at 45° C the stabiliser and the rest of the sugar. Heat all the ingredients to 85° C, blend and cool to 4° C. Leave to rest for at least 12 hours. Blend, spin to -8° C, mould and store at -18° C.

For the parfait
Cook the sugar in the water at 118° C, pour on the egg yolks and whip to obtain a soft mixture. Add the Amaretto to the semi-whipped cream, gently mix the two masses and incorporate the split almonds.

For the mousse
Bring the milk and glucose to the boil and whisk the egg whites with the sugar. Pour the boiling mixture over the egg whites and heat to 85° C, then add to the broken chocolate. Incorporate the cocoa liqueur into the semi-whipped cream. Combine the two mixtures.

For the crumble
Amalgamate the sieved flour with the cubed butter. Add the sugar, salt, ground almonds and sesame seeds, then crumble onto a baking tray and bake at 180° C until it turns golden.

Pipe a layer of Nyangbo ice-cream into a cube-shaped glass, which will be tipped for the presentation, using an icing bag. Pour the Amaretto parfait, freeze and sprinkle with the almond and sesame crumble. Cover with the mousse and complete with a chocolate square with a wooden cocktail stick pushed through it.
Place a few chopped salted almonds in a hollow black container, pour in the mousse, freeze and decorate with a gold leaf.
Lay the glass on an elongated plate, stick the ice-cream truffle in place with a little chocolate and decorate with a drizzle of coating chocolate.