Cristian e Tomas Torsiello

Osteria Arbustico al Royal Paestum

via Francesco Gregorio, 40
84047 - Paestum (Salerno)
+39 0828 851525

Brown and intensely Mediterranean eyes, Cristian and Tomas are the Torsiello brothers, respectively born in 1983 and 1986. They’re young but they have strong shoulders. Their passion for cooking and dining room is ancient and authentic. They were soon aware of it, in the teenage years spent in catering school in Roccaraso, Abruzzo, constantly looking for emotions they could truly experiment. After the rich experience acquired in the most famous Italian restaurants, in 2011 they challenged and won over the secluded position of their hometown, opening together Osteria Arbustico, the (very!) first restaurant in Valva, in the Alta Valle del Sele, Salerno. In 2015, it got the first Michelin star. Following this success, in July 2016 they opened their traditional trattoria Al Mulino di Colliano, despite the difficulties they found after a mysterious fire in the building. 

Patient observation and technical practice next to the giants of Italian cuisine have certainly nourished the desire to build something of their own in their hometown where to interpret what they learnt from their masters in a personal way. So the two, what with sacrifices and renounces, far away from touristic routes and the coast, tried to follow their dreams while being faithful to themselves. 

In Cristian’s simple, straightforward cuisine, made of a few ingredients per dish, one can recognise clearly the rigour of Nino Di Costanzo, the genius of Mauro Uliassi, the warmth of the Piccini family, the direct approach of Gennaro Esposito. But the true inspirer of the success of the Torsiello brothers is undoubtedly Niko Romito, with whom the two brothers spent their most significant training years, side by side, respectively in the kitchen and dining room, learning that sense of dutiful respect for the territory and its raw materials that is so typical of Osteria’s dishes.

Over the years, Tomas refined his passion for wine, exploring with lively curiosity Italian wineries and today, together with his brother he directs with kindness a relaxed and friendly dining room atmosphere, and in the spare time, he gets every chance to go on a mountain bike trip to the beautiful surroundings. The Torsiello brothers have a simple, effective recipe: a few authentic ingredients, processed with skill, leaving the lively pleasure of memories, without leaving too much space to ego, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

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