The silence of the woods

Daniel Facen

For 4 people

For the venison sirloin
400 g of venison sirloin
3 g Kappa carrageenan

For the beetroot bread
300 g of cooked beetroot
200 g of water
80 g of super whisk egg whites
50 g of glucose

For the pea cream
500 g of fresh peas with their pods
300 g of water

For the pumpkin ravioli
500 g of pumpkin cream
1 sheet of gelatine
snail's eggs

For the soil distillate
distilled woodland soil

For the rosemary crunch
200 g of isomalt

Goat's milk ricotta
120 g of goat's milk ricotta
125 g of cream
1 grated Garda lemon



For the venison sirloin
Cut the sirloin into pieces and fry gently with the salt and herbs. Use the carcass to prepare a classic venison base. Use a small part of the base to cover the plate.
Take 500 g of base and process it in a fusion wap at 35 °C at 160 rpm for 40 minutes. Collect the evaporated water and store it in the fridge.
Take 250 g of base and add the Kappa carrageenan. Bring to the boil and then cool the mixture, shaping it like a barrel using balloons.

For the beetroot bread
Blend the beetroot in a mixer with the water. Add the egg white, process in the planetary mixer and whisk on a high speed. Half way through the process, add the glucose.
Spread the mixture on a sheet of Silpat and dry in the oven at 70 °C for 24 hours.

For the pea cream
Blend the peas, add the water, filter and process in the fusion wap at 38 °C at 160 rpm for 40 minutes. Collect the mixture from the initial balloon (the green part).

For the pumpkin ravioli
Prepare the pumpkin cream with a base of scallion, thyme and basil. Add the previously rehydrated gelatine, spread the cream on a sheet of Silpat and dry at 70 °C for 12 hours. Use a pastry cutter to cut out some discs, add the snail's eggs and close in half.

For the soil distillate
Bind the distilled woodland soil with agar (1 g of agar for every 100 g of water).

For the rosemary crunch
Dissolve the isomalt and bring heat to 125 °C, adding the chopped rosemary at the end. Blend the mixture, shape it and create cylinders.

Goat's milk ricotta
Place the mixture in a siphon and leave it to rest in the fridge.