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Marta Grassi was born on an August 21, began to ski as a kid, graduated in Education and teaching, left the ski (and an almost certain career into the national team) and started teaching. She did it for years until 1993 when, with her partner Mauro Gualandris, she decided to launch Tantris restaurant. The decision had been taken some time before: she had been encouraged by some cooks who noticed her uncommon talent at a cooking course in Milan. Hence, she started wandering in order to breathe the best New Italian Cooking of that age: from the Locanda of stunning chef Angelo Paracucchi in Ameglia («I remember shopping at Sarzana market at 5 am) to Gualtiero Marchesi when he was in Milan’s via Bonvesin de la Riva («what a brigade, what a talent, how wonderful!»).

In 1992, instead of going on holiday, she decided to gain experience in a small but popular restaurant on the Maggiore Lake «to train harder». The next year it was time for Tantris in Lumellogno, a village south of Novara city: «the first years were very hard because we had to create our customers out of nothing», she recalls, «we started immediately with the contemporary alphabet: short-term cooking, revised territory, creativity and good raw materials». Then came the first recognition from Gambero Rosso and in 1999, the first Michelin star. In 2005 the restaurant changed its seat and look: two upstairs bedrooms, a veranda, an herbarium and new partnerships with organic vegetable, fruit and flour producers.

Marta’s experiences expanded then to important events: she cooked at the headquarter of the Piedmont Region in the days of the Winter Olympic Games 2006, at the UN national headquarter in New York the following year, and at the International festival of gastronomy in Mougins in France and Ein Prosit in 2009. All this progress by signing a style that always brings out the flavors with clean technique and uncommon creativity. Which were witnessed by Paolo Marchi who wrote: «Marta Grassi shows great respect for the natural character of the ingredients on dishes: they give off delicate balances and an extraordinary collection of genius and taste».

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Classe 1985, laurea in Scienze Gastronomiche, passione e lavoro nel mondo gastronomico: cura gli eventi di Identità Golose, la relativa Guida e il sito web