Local rabbit grilled with langoustines from Læsø

Paul Cunningham

For 4 people

4 gigantic fresh langoustines from the Danish island of Læsø
2 saddles of medium sized local rabbit
1tsp roasted, crushed fennel seed
Læsø sea salt

For the chutney
4 green tomatoes - diced
2 green apples - diced
2 Gotland challottes – finely diced
100 g sugar
1dl Lilleø apple vinegar
1tsp roasted, crushed fennel seed

For the aïoli
4 new potatoes
1 fennel
2 garlic clove
1tbsp Pastis
1dl olive oil mayonnaise
lemone juice
extra virgin oliv oil
Læsø sea salt

For the salad

1 fennel
1 bunch of wild rocket leaf from Gotland
rapseed oil from Bornholm
lemon juice
Læsø sea salt


For the chutney, boil the tomatoes, apples, challottes together with the sugar, vinegar and the fennel seed. About 10 minutes until thick and well reduced.

The aioli now - braise the potato with the fennel in a touch of water and olive oil – blend smooth togther with the mayonnaise. Finish the aioli with a little lemon juice, Pastis & fresh garlic. Salt from Læsø.

Dress the rabbit and the langoustine with the crushed fennel seed & sea salt. Grill rare over hot coals.

Dress the finished dish with a little roasted fennel seed to enhance the aromas.