Foie Gras Earl Grey Tea, Honey and Ginger jelly

Marcus Eaves

120 g duck foie gras
200 ml earl grey tea
5 g lecithen
2 lyonnaise caramelised onion
500 g honey and ginger consomme
2.5 g agar agar


Bring the honey and ginger consommé up to the boil. Add the aga aga simmer for one minute, set the jelly on a gastronorm tray at room temperature. Once set, cut using a ring.

Make 200ml of Earl Grey tea. Add the 5g lecithin to the mix and blend using a stick blender to form a froth.

Pan fry the Duck Foie Gras and cook until soft.

Arrange all ingredients on the plate together placing the onion lyonnaise under the foie gras and froth on top at a slight angle.