Ciccio Vitiello




84, Via Pasquale Tenga
San Leucio – Caserta

He is only thirty years old but has already come a long way: he started playing with dough as a child, and in 2011 he opened his takeaway pizzeria - l'Antica Napoli - at the foot of Caserta Vecchia, precisely in Tuoro, a small Bourbon village. Little by little it has grown to seat 35 people (turning over as many as 4/5 times per evening). He then flew to Miami to launch a new pizzeria where he taught about all things dough and at the same time learned how to manage and organise a restaurant. On the strength of this knowledge, he returned home and transformed Antica Napoli into Casa Vitiello.

But he didn't stop there: he attended courses and became passionate about baking and leavening: “I felt the need to create my own identity. I wanted to give an alternative and renovate right here where it was most difficult to do so, because tradition reigns and is well established. So I included different types of dough on my menu to which I added unusual ingredients: hemp, turmeric, various cereals, fennel, wheat, cocoa. And then multigrain: oats, barley, rye, buckwheat, rice, spelt, maize, type 2 flour.”

Then, in 2022, the further change, precisely, with the opening of the new Cambia-Menti, this time in Caserta. “When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others sail boats,” is the quote one can find on the website of the new restaurant in Caserta. Here Vitiello continues at full speed on his path of growth, evolution, research and experimentation. An example? His Negative Review pizza, which clearly plays on the anxiety of customers and restaurateurs about online criticism, proposing a pizza whose bottom is painted black, suggesting a non-existent burn, with a olive sauce.

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