Egg yolk, olive oil and fried vegetables

Josean Alija

For 4 people

Vegetable stock
2 cloves of garlic
75 g of thickly sliced carrots
40 g of thickly sliced turnip
65 g of thickly sliced leeks
15 g of thickly sliced celery
50 g of thickly sliced onion
75 g of thickly sliced spring onions
65 g of white wine
500 g of bottled water
sunflower oil
40 g of chickpeas soaked the night before
1 stem of parsley

Tomato water
400 g of tomato

Herb juice

210 g of vegetable stock
90 g of tomato water
30 g of rocket
15 g of basil
15 g of coriander
15 g of basil
15 g of leek
6 g of fresh tarragon
1 drop of bitter almond essence

Olive oil emulsion
60 g of San Amador extra virgin olive oil
40 g of water
8 g of isomalt
30 g of Greek yoghurt

Egg yolk
Very fresh medium-sized hen eggs
3% salt and water solution
San Amador extra virgin olive oil



Vegetable stock
Sweat the vegetables in a pan for 10 minutes without allowing them to colour at all. Pour the white wine and reduce. Add ½ a litre of bottled water. Boil, remove the froth and leave to cook on a low heat for 90 minutes. At the end, add the parsley and leave in infusion. Drain, cool and set aside until ready to use.

Tomato water
Wash and dry the tomatoes. Remove the stalks and place in a container. Blend in a Turmix and sieve. We will obtain a transparent but coloured liquid. Pour it into a frying pan and heat on a very low flame without boiling. This is done so that the impurities rise to the surface without spoiling the water, facilitating complete clarification, in order to obtain a transparent, colourless liquid.

Herb juice
Wash all the herbs in a water and vegetable disinfectant solution. Rinse in a container with water and plenty of ice. Drain on kitchen paper. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend into a green juice. Sieve to eliminate impurities and store in the fridge.

Olive oil emulsion
Make a syrup with water and isomalt. Cool to room temperature, add the yoghurt and olive oil and mix in the Turmix to obtain a smooth mixture. Store in the fridge.

Herb bubbles
For every litre of herb juice, we are going to use 1.2 g of xanthan and 20 g of powdered egg white (Ovoeve). Gradually add the xanthan and powdered egg white to the Turmix beaker, with the hand blender inside. Leave overnight in the fridge in a sealed container in the fridge. The next day, make bubbles with the tube.

Egg yolk
Separate the yolks from the whites and place them in the saline solution for 25 minutes. Carefully remove each yolk with a spoon soaked in a little olive oil.

Egg yolks with olive oil emulsion
Make a small incision in the top of each yolk to introduce a syringe in order to partially empty the yolk. Fill it up with olive oil emulsion.

Place the yolk on a plate, flavour with the grapefruit zest and rest the herb bubbles on the yolk. Using a pipette, add a few drops of olive oil here and there.