Black olive ash with aromatic and woodland herbs scented casein and makil-gozo ice-cream

Josean Alija

For 4 people

Herb scented casein
500 g of sheep’s milk
200 g of cream
6 g of green shiso
6 g of pepper mint or chocolate mint
6 g of chervil
6 g of basil
6 g of spring onion
pinch of salt

Black olive sand
15 g of icing sugar
15 g of white sugar
10 g of powdered almonds
15 g of egg white
15 g dried Aragon black olives, chopped with a knife and removed of the fat with some paper
1 gr of txipi coloured paste

Brown sugar wafers
30 g of butter
100 g of brown sugar
50 g of egg whites
30 g of flour

Liquorish ice-cream
700 g of milk
300 g of cream
225 g of egg yolks
200 g of sugar
6 g of vanilla pods (vanilla)
12 g of liquorish essence
pinch of salt

Flakes of salt



Herb scented casein
Put all the ingredients in a casserole and let them simmer. Drain and leave to rest for a night, then remove the film formed on top and put in the fridge until use.

Black olive sand
Whip the egg whites as for a meringue. When they start to be whipped, add the white sugar, gradually increasing the speed. Delicately add the mixture of icing sugar and almonds to the whipped whites, trying not to make it loose volume. Colour with the txipi paste and mix well. Spread as if it was a sponge cake, touching it as little as possible. Sprinkle the olives on top, combine them with the mixture with the help of a fork. Leave it to dry and ferment for at least 8 hours (or put in the oven at 110ºC for about an hour). Let it cool down then grate it with a grater, to resemble the sand on the beach.

Brown sugar wafers
Melt the butter and mix it with the brown sugar; add the egg yolks, mix some more and finally add the flour. Knead the dough until it is smooth, then leave it to rest 24 hours before using it. Roll it out thinly and bake at 170°C. Leave on a baking tin on a stove and cover with sulfurized film.

Liquorish ice-cream
Let the milk, cream and vanilla boil and leave in infusion. Whip the egg yolks, the sugar and add to the mixture. Cook and sieve finely, let it cool down and, when cold, add the essence with a pinch of salt. Blend. Consider 1 g of essence every 100 g.

Place the herb scented casein on the plate. Place a flake of salt on top, and over it the olive ash, a small sphere of ice-cream and the brown sugar wafer.