Candied raw artichokes lacquered with rosemary

Josean Alija

For 4 people

Barnyard stock
1 kg of chicken carcasses
1 kg clean, oven roast hen
240 g of sliced white veal foot
80 g sliced carrots
60 g of sliced onions
40 g of spring onions
10 g of concentrated tomato
16 g of cloves of garlic and their skin, sliced
20 g of the green part of a leek, sliced
20 g of butter
1,400 g of cold water
200 g of red wine, reduced from 400 to 200 g
100 g of chickpeas

Artichoke stock
9 g of peeled cloves of garlic
565 g of artichokes
45 g of onions
40 g of celeriac
35 g of carrots
20 g of extra virgin olive oil
20 g of white wine
300 g of chicken stock
350 g of water
120 g of chickpeas
10 g of parsley
1 bay leaf
1 crushed green cardamom
1 g of salt

Artichoke and rosemary infusion
500 g of artichoke stock
12.5 g of rosemary leaves

Confit artichokes
240 g of artichokes
3 g of fresh tarragon leaves
30 g of extra virgin olive oil
fine salt

Oily rosemary base
200 g of artichoke and rosemary infusion
24 g of kuzu
60 g of extra virgin olive oil
5 g of honey

Raw artichoke slices

4 artichokes
fresh water
ascorbic acid


Barnyard stock
Gently fry the hen in a frying pan. Sweat the carrots, onions and spring onions in some butter in a stainless steel pan, and mix thoroughly. Add the cooked carcasses. Add the cold water and reduced red wine. Add the veal foot, garlic and concentrated tomato. Cook on a low heat for two hours, skimming the froth off. Drain and pass through a vegetable blender. Cool quickly, remove all the fat and store in the fridge.

Artichoke stock
Place the chickpeas to soak in water the night before. Cut everything, apart from the artichokes, into even-sized slices. Clean the artichokes, removing the outer leaves, without peeling them or removing the fuzz. Place in a pan, cover and sweat the vegetables with the olive oil, parsley, bay leaf, type and crushed cardamom. Add the artichokes and toss everything together for a few minutes. Process in a Gastrovac. Add white wine, stock, water and then the chickpeas. Leave to rest slightly and cook for 90 minutes at 55 ºC. After reaching the temperature indicated, drain and leave to cool.

Artichoke and rosemary infusion
Pour the artichoke stock into a pan and bring to the boil. Take off the heat and add the rosemary leaves. Cover with film and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Drain and rest until ready to serve.

Confit artichokes
Add the artichokes to the oil, the tarragon leaves and a pinch of salt. Place in a vacuum bag. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 100 °C. Cook for 25 minutes (the time varies depending on the size of the artichokes).

Oily rosemary base
Place all the ingredients (apart from the oil) together in a pan and blend with the mixer. Heat, stirring constantly. When the mixture has thickened, add the oil to obtain an emulsion.

Raw artichoke slices
Pour half a litre of water into a container along with a teaspoon of ascorbic acid. Cut the artichokes into very fine slices, then soak in the water and ascorbic acid.

Remove the artichokes from the vacuum bag, cut one in half and the other into quarters. Drain the oil, add salt to taste and spread with the oily stock. Use the oily stock to make a mark on the plate, place the artichokes on top of it and top with the raw artichoke sl