Steemed Leeks from last summer, curdled milk and sage salt

Magnus Nilsson

4 leeks
500 g unpazteurized milk
5 g calf rennet
sage salt

Heat the milk very gentle until finger warm, curdle with rennet, let it sit for 10 minutes or until you get a clean break.
Dice the now set curd in dices 3*3*3cm, leave them undisturbed in the whey that is now starting to be expelled. Steam the leeks until tender in 100°c. While steaming the leeks, very gently warm the curds and whey on the stove, it should be around 45°c when serving.
Bush each leek with some very good butter and season with a litle sage salt, plate a cube of curdled milk and a litle pile with sage salt together with it.