Cuttlefish with peas

Moreno Cedroni

For cuttlefish sauce with peas
30 g of extra virgin olive oil
10 g of chopped white onion
1 g of chopped garlic
200 g of cuttlefish cut into fine slices
50 g of tomato
50 g of peas
3 g of salt

For the cuttlefish ink sauce
20 g of cuttlefish ink
Boiling water

For the pea sauce
25 g of extra virgin olive oil
1 slice of prosciutto
100 g of peas
40 g of fish stock

For the daikon and the cuttlefish 50°
50 g of cuttlefish 50°
100 g of daikon

For the eggs
3 eggs
50 g of chopped cuttlefish


For cuttlefish sauce with peas
Gently fry the onion and garlic in a pan with the oil. Add the slices of cuttlefish and gently fry until the liquids evaporate. Then add the tomato and a ladle of water and continue cooking on a low heat. When cooked, add the previously scalded peas and the salt.

For the cuttlefish ink sauce
Blend the cuttlefish ink with the boiling water.

For the pea sauce
Gently fry the slice of prosciutto in the oil, add the peas, toss them and add the fish stock. Bring to the boil, blend and sieve.

For the daikon and the cuttlefish 50°
Cut them both with a very narrow Thai cut and place in a vacuum bag with a spoonful of cuttlefish ink.

For the eggs
Take three bowls, line them with some clear film and oil the film. Break an egg into each one and add the chopped cuttlefish to the first, the cuttlefish ink to the second, the peas and the pea sauce to the third. Salt lightly and close the three film packages. Bring the water to the boil and poach the three eggs for a few minutes.

Place a spoonful of cuttlefish sauce with peas on a plate. Lay the three eggs over it, with the pieces of daikon and cuttlefish all around, some green and black splashes, a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of white pepper.