Apparent egg

Marinated egg yolk, tomato water and asparagus

Francesco Sposito

For the marinade
300 g of water
100 g of coarse salt
100 g of sugar
1 spoonful of vinegar

For the tomato water
1 kg of vine tomatoes
25 g of smoked salt
3 g of sugar
5 g of gelatine sheets

3 asparagus spears
sliced bread
20 g of black sesame


For the marinade
Place all the ingredients in a pan and boil for 3 minutes. Cool the mixture and filter it through a sheet of muslin.
Marinate the asparagus for about two hours with a combination of coarse salt and sugar (same proportions) 50+50 g. Wash and dry. Then cut it into very fine strips and plunge them into water and ice to crisp them.

For the tomato water
Blend the tomatoes, add salt and sugar and pour it into a muslin filter, tied and suspended in the fridge over a container, so that the liquid runs down into it. This procedure will take a whole day and give us a transparent liquid which is colourless tomato water. 1 kg of tomatoes will give us about 500 ml of liquid, to which we will add 5 g of gelatine sheets (following the usual procedure).
Pour the mixture into a siphon, close and add 2 charges. The mixture will be ready to use after spending at least 3 hours in the fridge.

Open the egg, eliminate the white and immerse the yolk in the marinade. This operation takes 20 minutes (10 per side). Lift the yolk out with a spoon, dry it and place it in the centre of a bowl. Swirl the tomato foam around the yolk and arrange the asparagus dress with oil, lemon and a pinch of smoked salt.