Toro, foie gras powder, freeze dried raspberry

Alvin Leung

100g o-toro
300 g foie gras
Freeze dried raspberries
Chives, chopped


Foie gras powder
Cut the foie gras into three 100g pieces. Season well and steam for 30 minutes. Transfer them onto a wire rack and place them in an oven set at 50 degrees Celsius for 21 days. Using a very sharp knife, chop the foie gras into fine powder.

Slice the o-toro into 2 mm using a sharp knife or a slicer. Place 2 pieces of o-toro on plate, season lightly with sea salt and sprinkle the foie gras powder on the top end of the o-toro. Crush the freeze dried raspberries between fingers and lightly sprinkle in a thin line just under the foie gras powder. Garnish with chopped chives