Angelo Corvitto


Torroella del Mongri
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Some like it cold. Better, iced. Especially avant-garde chefs. In fact, many of them went learning by the undisputed maestro of this hyper technical science: Angelo Corvitto, a teacher, a scientist that threw great influences on every hidden corner of this field.
Butterflies’ beating wings, we know that, can unchain hurricanes; but his surgical experiments have really made the history of this discipline, trapped before between kiosks and and small vaschette, exotericism and self-mad approximations.

One or two ice-cream tastes? Cone, cup or maritozzo? Angelo shows a true mania for ice cream science, in the platonic sense of it: an obsession leading straight to excellence and pure art.
Born in Licata, Sicily, in 1943, during the Americans’ land, today Corvitto’s first foot is planted in Spain, while the other one goes traveling throughout the world.
At 12 he was in France following his family. Later destiny led him to Torroella del Montgrì, closed to Girona, for job reasons. When in the Hostal Cotoliu he was asking for a snack, love came instead: her name was Dolores, the woman that would rule the restaurant with him.
Here Angelo started studying self-taught the gastronomic potentialities of ice cream, which he realized long in advance on his time, when no specialized manuals or magazines have yet appeared.

His studies led him back to Italy but unsatisfaction still kept on calling him until he found out the formula, today declined with the help of his son Hervé through a cyber software for every needs called “Il Gelato”. Maximum flavour, texture perfection, got-into-focus tastes: alchemy lies in a complex equation that combines fats, sugars, making process and serving temperatures. Technique is the iceberg peak: it leans on the best raw materials, declined according to tailor-made formulas. There’s no ingredient he couldn’t transform so far into ice cream: from seaweeds to rice honey, up to gazpacho.

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