Roots cooked in burning charcoal, leafs that has never seen the light of day, sheeps cream whisked with a vinegar fermented beer, dried cods roe, oregano from last summer

Magnus Nilsson

2 beetroots
2 carrots
2 salsify
1 turnip
200 g sheeps cream
1 bottle of vinegarfermented beer
1 piece of dried cods roe
dried oregano


Clean the roots and reserve the pale litle sprouts that grows on them for later
Place the cleaned roots in the burning embers, give them a lot of attention as to ensure that they get very evenly burned all around and well cooked.
Before serving, whisk the cream with some of the beer and grate the cods roe finely.
Cut the roots in to nice pieces, brush with a litle very good butter season with salt and a litle oregano.
Plate with some cream, a litle pile of cods roe and the vegetable sprouts