Giovanni Porro

The story of Gio’ Porro is the story of a man who seeks perfection, a man obsessed with making the most precious and healthy charcuterie in the world. His passion for meat and for charcuterie was born at home, a family tradition since the late 19th Century thanks to his great-grandfather, Luigi Porro, an entrepreneur, land owner, farmer, a master in curing meat, a lover of culinary specialties and of a good life.

Having graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Milan, he became immediately passionate about the production processes used in Italian charcuterie, still based on empirical methods.

By applying a scientific approach, an innate olfactory gift and a deep knowledge of raw materials, of herbs and spices, Gio’ Porro reached his lifetime goal by making a series of excellent matured products, without preservatives, using the best cattle breeds in the world now represented by the GIO’ PORRO range.

Has participated in

Identità Milano


Identità Golose

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