Char-grilled red prawns, yoghurt and fresh coriander

Matteo Baronetto - Carlo Cracco

For 4 people

24 red prawns
20 g of acacia honey
80 g of anchovy "colatura"
50 g of fresh yoghurt
40 g of fresh coriander sprouts
4 pieces of natural charcoal
15 g of extra virgin olive oil
2 g of fine salt
40 g of toasted cumin
200 g of coarse salt
50 g of mixed seaweed
24 small toothpicks



Shell the prawns and skewer them one by one on the toothpicks. Position the pieces of charcoal on the fore until they become incandescent, meanwhile dress the prawns with oil and salt.
Lay the charcoal on a wooden chopping board covered with a bed of coarse salt and mixed seaweed. Sprinkle the charcoal with the toasted, chopped cumin seeds, then place the prawns on them.
Place the chopping board in the middle of the table and serve each diner with a plate of yoghurt, honey, anchovy "colatura" and fresh coriander. This will mean that everyone can cook and dress the prawns as preferred.