Marta Scalabrini

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Marta in Cucina

vicolo Folletto, 1c
42121 - Reggio Emilia
+39 0522 435755

Enthusiasm in life, grace in the kitchen: in other words, if the famous “female touch” when cooking exists, then she’s got it. Marta Scalabrini is a nice example of how passion for cooking can be both uncontrollable and fertile. Born in Reggio Emilia on the 12th October 1982, Scalabrini has always been fascinated by creativity in all its forms, so she followed her curiosity. She graduated in Communication and Marketing, worked in institutional communication and in the organisation of events, completed a Master’s degree in Visual Merchandising at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, and was pursuing a completely different career when the call of her grandmother Maria (ah, Italian grannies!) revealed to be stronger.

«Had I been two years younger, I’d come and make cappelletti every day», the lively old woman says: indeed her granddaughter has chosen a career in the kitchen («I started late, after taking endless different roads»): first acquiring experience with chefs like Andrea Incerti Vezzani atCà Matilde in Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia, Pietro Leemann (at Joia in Milan she learnt how to handle vegetables), Giorgio Nocciolini (at San Vincenzo she learnt everything about fish) and Marco Stabile (at Ora d'Aria in Florence she learnt what she needed about meat); then she stopped the delay. In 2014 she opened a restaurant of her own, Marta in Cucina, in Reggio Emilia, where tradition takes different, unexpected shapes. «Why Marta in Cucina? Because I want everyone to know right away that I’m the Marta in the kitchen».

She doesn’t deny her past experience, her seemingly distant training, but not for her: she strongly believes that creativity, marketing and food can blend in the perfect recipe for happiness. Together with Ivan Giglio, from Cosenza, now working in the dining room though he was sous chef with Stabile, where they met – she works hard on her personal philological research on cappellacci, erbazzone or Acqua d'Orcio, a typical drink made with liquorice extract. The tastes of Reggio Emilia, in a contemporary synthesis.

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