Playing with consistency

Goat's milk and honey ice-cream, crispy orange rice

Corrado Assenza

2 l of goat's milk
480 g of sugar
100 g of Mieli Thun “Quintessenza” linden blossom honey
100 g of Mieli Thun “Quintessenza” orange blossom honey
16 g of carob seed flour
2 g of whole sea salt

Crispy orange rice
150 g of vialone nano rice
260 g of fresh Navel orange juice
300 g of 65.4 % orange candying syrup
314 g of chlorine-free water
1 fillet of fresh orange rind
½ a Tahiti vanilla pod
40 g of fresh lemon juice
12 g of Romana almond oil by Noto Pariani


Pour the goat's milk into a suitable container. Mix the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl. Add them to the milk and mix everything together using a whisk. Then add the honeys and continue stirring until everything is mixed thoroughly together. Mix with the ice-cream machine. Store at – 16 °C before serving.

Crispy orange rice
Lightly toast the rice in a shallow pan without overheating it. Pour the liquids in another pan to heat at about 80 °C. Start cooking the rice like a traditional risotto and add the fillet of orange rind and the vanilla pod at the start. When cooked, when the rice starts to cool, stir in the almond oil. Continue mixing until completely cooled, speeding up the process with ice and water.
Store in the fridge and serve the next day.

Place a heaped spoonful of crispy rice in a bowl. Place two balls of honey ice-cream on top and decorate with a drizzle of rice cooking syrup and a few grains of rice.