Omelette with fine shopped herbs and “panxeta curada”

for 1 portion
2 eggs
10 gr fine chopped spring onion
4 gr chopped persil
4 gr chopped chives
2 gr chopped dragon
lemon juice
2 tomato seeds
cured pork side
olive oil
Butifarra del perol (kind of White sausage)
garlic oil


Beat the eggs and we cooked with drops of lemon and salt at 70 degrees for 30 minuts. Poched the onion with butter and add 40 gr of the white sausage with the skin off, add the herbs chopped and the cooked egg, try salt and pepper. Cut 6 slices of cured pork side on a alimentary plastic. Cover the egg mix with the slices of the cured pork side trying to make a omelette form, serve on a plate and garni with ciapatta dry bread, tomato sedes and extra virgin olive oil.