Corrado Scaglione

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Enosteria Lipen

via Taverna, 114 
Canonica Lambro (Monza-Brianza)

Corrado Scaglione, born in 1966, is a much appreciated and esteemed pizzaiolo: he was STG world champion in 2011, he’s the fiduciary coordinator of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, but his professional history also includes the kitchens of some important restaurants, including Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.

Catering is indeed a family passion. His family inspired him to attend catering school and from them, in 1992 Scaglione inherited Enosteria Lipen in Canonica Lambro, a hamlet of Triuggio in Brianza. Then, ten years later, at 36, came the lay conversion to Neapolitan pizza, “pizza with a capital N”, as Corrado defines it himself.

This is a real icon in Italian gastronomy, one you should approach with respect and a strong desire to study and improve. But also an icon you have to approach with creativity. Scaglione thus starts from tradition but then feels free to experiment and play with raw materials, work with long leavening dough, and on the perfecting of wood oven baking.

As for yeast, for instance, at Enosteria Lipen they present the result of an interesting blend of brewer’s yeast and mother’s yeast, so as to preserve the acidity of mother yeast and the reliability of brewer’s yeast.

This results in pizzas that are both classic and special, such as Margherita in 3D, in a clover-shape, with three pairings of tomato and mozzarella you should taste in a sequence. Or the Quater stracc, a pizza celebrating Lombardy, a new and nobler take on “quattro formaggi” [four cheese pizza]. This pizza too is served already sliced in four pieces, each giving space to a local cheese (scimudin, mature zola, taleggio and Montevecchia cheese), and finished at the end of the baking with a touch of acacia honey.

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