Fior di caciotta with seaweed on salt and raw fish crisp

Alfonso Caputo

For 4 people

30 g of dried seaweed
200 g of white fish
1 head of curly endive
2 l of fresh whole milk
salt, sugar and extra virgin olive oil
20 g of rennet



Clean the endive, wash it and make a salad with the white part only. Meanwhile, make some stock with 10 g of seaweed and 300 g of water. Bring to the boil.
Heat the milk to 36°C, mix with the rennet and leave to rest for about 1 hour. Break the curd with the salted boiling water to make white curd flakes and leave to drain. Fillet the fish and cut into cubes.

For the wafer
Dissolve 2/3 of sugar and 1/3 of salt with the seaweed and water. Cook until the mixture reaches a caramel consistency and pour onto a sheet of baking paper. Leave to dry.

Pour the hot seaweed stock into a bowl, followed by the cheese flakes, the cubed fish, the salt wafer and the raw endive.