Petite Marmite

Davide Scabin

For 4 people

200 g of whole sweetbreads
4 lamb's brains
4 30 g pieces of braised tongue
4 pieces of bone marrow
8 slices of 3 mm thick foie gras
8 shiitake mushrooms
8 pak choi leaves
20 Thai asparagus
250 g of dashi stock


Scald the pak choi leaves and cool them in water and ice. Roast the sweetbreads in a pan with oil, garlic, rosemary and sage, leaving them pink. Set the cooking juices to one side.
Place the sweetbreads in a sheet of foil with their juices and roll them up to compact them.
Cook the tongue in the wine, cool and cut it into rectangular pieces.
Salt, pepper and flour the bone marrow. Cook in a preheated pan with the butter and sage.
Salt, pepper and flour the brains. Cook in a pan with the butter and rosemary.
Half cook the shiitake mushrooms and toss them in a pan with oil, garlic and rosemary.
Cook the asparagus and dress with oil, salt and pepper.

Make up the plate, arranging the shiitake mushrooms in a line, parallel to the asparagus and the pak choi heated in the hot stock. Lay the tongue on the asparagus, the marrow on the mushrooms, the brains and the marrow on the pak choi. Decorate with the slices of foie gras and serve with a jug of hot dashi stock.