Check salad

Davide Scabin

For 4 people

4 tomato heart wedges with the seeds
1 red basil leaf
4 sprigs of lambs lettuce
4 sprigs of ficoide glaciale
12 garlic shoots
4 marjoram tips
3 chive tips
4 lettuce leaves
4 thyme tips
3 g of sliced sweet almonds
8 mustard leaves
4 leaves of Belgian endive
8 pine nuts
4 purple sakura shoots
4 radicchio leaves
8 daikon shoots
4 rosemary needles
4 mini Chinese cabbage leaves
4 mustard shoots
4 teaspoons of Calvisius
1 Norcia black truffle
Ligurian extra virgin olive oil
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
sesame oil
Provencal vinegar
liquid salt (brine)

Clean the herbs and salad leaves.

Cut out a rectangle of black truffle measuring about 20 x 6 x 3 mm.

Take a long plate and arrange, in sequence, the tomato heart, surmounted by a strip of red basil on a plastic spoon, the lambs lettuce and ficoide glaciale, with the garlic shoots and marjoram by the side, the chive, lettuce leaf sprinkled with almonds, thyme, mustard leaves, purple sakura, Belgian endive sprinkled with pine nuts, radicchio with the daikon shoots, rosemary, mini Chinese cabbage and mustard shoots.
End with a teaspoonful of caviar and a rectangle of black truffle.
Spray with brine and form 4 drops to the left with the Ligurian oil, Tuscan oil, Provencal vinegar and sesame oil.

Serve at 17°C with chopsticks and an iced fork.