The wrong Milan

Matteo Baronetto - Carlo Cracco

For 4 people

100 g of sliced bread
whole eggs
4 slices of beaten fassona beef (each weighing 15 g)
400 g of clarified butter
100 g of olive oil
1 lemon
baking paper


Grind the bread in the Bimby to make breadcrumbs Cut the baking paper, making rectangles of about 8 x 5 cm.
Beat the eggs, coat one side of the baking paper with the egg and then with the breadcrumbs. Repeat the operation twice.
Fry the breadcrumb coating obtained in olive oil and clarified butter. Once fried, trim it with a knife to make it rectangular once again.
Salt the breadcrumbs and the meat. Position the breadcrumbs in the middle a plate, lay the raw meat on the top and end with a grating of lemon zest.