Sergio Dondoli



Gelateria Dondoli

piazza della Cisterna, 4
San Gimignano (Siena)
T. +39.0577.942244

After getting in Montecatini Terme an hotel management diploma, Sergio Dondoli grew up driven by passion and enthusiasm for craftsmanship spending 18 years traveling throughout Europe, an experience that led him to number important culinary and gastronomic experiences as a restaurant manager and ice cream chef.
In 1992 he opened his now famous ice cream shop, in the heart of San Gimignano. From here, also considering his raw materials deep knowledge inherited by the hotel management school, his celebrity spread to several countries. His shop is quoted in all the best world guidebooks and is continuously visited by national and international tv troops.

The excitement of working with the local products led him to enrich his menu (which was already wide) with copyrighted ice cream flavors such as Crema di Santa Fina (orange cream with San Gimignano saffron and pine nuts), Dolceamaro (vanilla cream in spice infusion with nut granella aurum chocolate sauce) and Champelmo (rose grapefruit sorbet and cernaccia di San Gaminignano spumante brut).
Dondoli also creates very innovative flavor matches which are very famous worldwide like aromatic herbs perfumed sorbets like Raspberry and rosemary, Mango and mustard, Mango and ginger, Peer and San Gimignano saffron orange, blackberries and lavander, green apple and cardamom. During the harvest it’s possible to taste in his shop several sorbets from wine must.

For the past 5 years, on the week before Easter, he’s been launching the cocoa week, when the maestro serves everyday 8/10 different kinds of chocolate, 33 totally, coming from different South American and African crus. He’s also a gastronomy and salted ice cream consultant working for several Michelin starred Italian and international restaurants.

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