Hand drawn rigatoni with cooked and raw scorpion fish in its ragout

Alfonso Caputo

For 4 people

350 g of pasta
1 kg of scorpion fish
600 g of cherry tomatoes
salt, oil, garlic and chili pepper
1 sprig of parsley


Clean the scorpion fish, make two fillets, cut the head into two parts and recover the bones. Cut one fillet into fine slices and marinate lightly with oil and salt.

Heat the oil, garlic and chili pepper in a pan, adding the bones and tomatoes. Then season with salt and cover. After about 15 minutes, sieve everything, return it to the pan and add the chopped scorpion fish.

Cook the rigatoni in salted water. When half cooked, add a drizzle of raw oil and mix well. Make up the plate, laying the raw fillets on top with some fresh parsley.