Bergamot, vanilla, honey

Luca Lacalamita

For the hazelnut butter financier biscuit
240 g of flour
360 g of hazelnut butter
1 g of salt
600 g of sugar
240 g of ground almonds
10 g of chemical yeast
600 g of fresh egg white

For the honey water jelly
100 g of honey water
90 g of water
1.5 gelatine sheets

For the iced bergamot meringue
300 g of water
18 g of Ovoneve
95 g of bergamot juice
1 g of bergamot zest
3 g of citric acid
110 g of 100% syrup
2 g of gelatine sheets

For the vanilla cream
500 g of custard
200 g of white chocolate
10 g of gelatine sheets
300 g of whipped cream

For the meringue fingers
125 g of egg whites
60 g of sugar
60 g of sugar
20 g of bergamot juice

For the bergamot water-ice
Bergamot juice
100 % syrup

For the confit bergamot zest
100 g of bergamot zest
200 g of syrup tpt

For the vanilla sablé
400 g of butter
160 g of icing sugar
40 g of egg yolks
550 g of flour
1 ½ vanilla pods

For the caramelised honey
lyophilised honey

For the bergamot honey
700 g of acacia honey
8 g of bergamot flowers
5 g of bergamot zest
10 g of bergamot leaves


For the hazelnut butter financier biscuit
Mix the flour with the previously melted hazelnut butter, the ground almonds, sugar and salt. Add the egg white and mix thoroughly in the planetary mixer with the leaf beater.
Leave to rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. Fill the plum cake moulds and cook at 185 °C for 25 minutes. Take out of the oven and cool.

For the honey water jelly
Boil the honey water with the water, add the hydrated gelatine and cool in a hermetically sealed container.

For the iced bergamot meringue
Mix the water with the Ovoneve and leave to hydrate for 30 min. Whisk the water until the meringue is compact.
Dissolve the gelatine with the syrup and cool to 25 °C. Add the bergamot rind to the meringue, then add the syrup and the gelatine.
Add the citric acid and the bergamot juice by hand. Spread on a 0.5 cm deep tray and freeze.

For the vanilla cream
Heat the custard to 55 °C, incorporate the dissolved gelatine and then the melted white chocolate. Cool the mixture to 37 °C and add the whipped cream. Place in the fridge in an icing bag with a number 6 nozzle.

For the meringue fingers
Whisk the egg whites with part of the sugar. When the meringue is compact, add the remaining 60 g of sugar and the bergamot juice.
Spread the mixture in the discs of the drier, forming fingers using the icing bag. Dry at 45 °C for 24 hours.

For the bergamot water-ice
Mix all the ingredients gradually, and use a refractometer to measure 14 degrees brix. Weigh out 200 g of mixture and add 1 gelatine leaf. Freeze at -18 °C and then grate.

For the confit bergamot zest
Blanche the zest 3 times, starting with cold water. Add the syrup and cook to obtain the consistency required.

For the vanilla sablé
Mix the butter with the icing sugar, add the yolks, then the flour and vanilla. Spread the mixture to a thickness of 1 cm and leave to cool.
Cut it into 0.5 cm cubes and bake in the oven at 170 °C for 11 minutes. Then check.

For the caramelised honey
Spread the lyophilised honey on a sheet of Silpat and bake in the oven at 150 °C for 3 minutes.
Cook on a sheet of baking paper and break into uneven pieces.

For the bergamot honey
Place all the ingredients in a vacuum and leave the honey to macerate for 18 hours at room temperature.
Strain and weigh out 300 g of honey. Caramelise it dry and add 550 g of water. Leave to reduce to the required consistency.